We bought Catalpa in 2014 at Magnetic Island Townsville in Australia. We planned to sail her home to the Gold Coast about a 700 nautical mile journey to see if the family was keen for a cruising lifestyle. We had the best time and knew this was what we wanted to do and to make our dream to sail the world together happen!!

Episode 1

Long story short (or not so short) We got back to the Gold Coast with intensions to do up Catalpa and sell her as she is a "ferro" and we wanted a bigger, better, you know that perfect boat thats not ferro, that doesn't need any work done, that is way out of our budget yep thats the one, so then buy our "world cruising yacht". Well we got back and started a business (yeah I know start a business when what we want is to sail away hienz site is always good) to make millions to travel the world as quick as possible thats the goal. Up until this point Lee was working in the mining industry and we were definitely over him working away so new plan.... to be together more.

I am a yoga teacher and I saw a trending prop that I could see potential in that wasn't yet in Australia and even better Lee could manufacture them in his sleep (because he is my hero and can do anything) So thats what we did after spending all our money on a yacht we moved our of our unit onto Catalpa full-time and put our stuff in a factory that we started renting for our business.

Annnnd it took off we were super busy and making money travelling all over Australia with me doing yoga workshops and Lee and I had the cruisest job that meant we could surf and hang out together and work when we wanted to yep you could say we had it pretty good pretty quick.

But still hadn't forgotten our dream of sailing off into the sunset. You see our real intensions were start a business and get it running then it can fund our adventures. Makes sense right for the first time in our lives we thought how good will that be so we hired people and made plan for our exit and in October 2016 we set sail north...

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The start of our adventure we took the kids out of school... bye guys we are off to sail the world be back never. You know the big farewell seen "oh I'll miss you too everyone." For the next 3 months we travelled up the east Coast of Australia loved every minute... got to Great Keppel and soon after realised this is not going to work for us we aren't completely free and business wasn't the same without us there so regrettably we turned around.....I handled it perfectly just like any grown women with 2 kids would...crying most of the 400 nautical miles back to where we just said goodbye. Yeah it stirred up some pretty cray emotions in me thats for sure. You see we had left our home and to come back so soon I felt it was like when you say a big emotional goodbye to a group of people at a party and its perfect then you have to awkwardly walk back and get your bag or keys hahaha just like that but in my head way worse.

We were on a mission to get out of there as quick as possible but hey it was Christmas and we actually had the most perfect time with our family and friends and loved every minute of it yeah I know I'm a women I change what I feel a lot what ever Thank You universe for bringing us back I get it now.

So for the next 4 months (Cyclone season in Australia) Lee and I worked our asses off closing our beloved business and doing what we knew Catalpa needed before we left but were to impatient to do first time round. In this time the whole should we sell Catalpa? Came up again and actually got real close to putting her up for sale but in the end....Well obviously we still have her. We pulled our shit together and on the 9th of April 2017 we sailed away from our home in search for clear waters, pristine reefs, surf and killer sunsets....The beginning of something challenging and beautiful :-)

Episode 14


“Patience is power.
Patience is not an absence of action;
rather it is “timing”
it waits on the right time to act,
for the right principles
and in the right way.”
— Fulton J. Sheen
Us leaving on April 2017