WHAT are we doing and WHERE are we going???

Well as most of you know we are in Langkawi Malaysia and we have been getting Catalpa ready for new adventures. While we were here we started looking at our future plans and what are our options are.

Some of those included going East to the Philippines, going west to Africa across the Indian Ocean or going back the the Mentawis Indonesia.

Basically for us to continue across oceans and long term we want a bigger boat. Where we are now looks like it could be the place to do it! We want a boat that we all have a cabin and we can have people come and stay with us, a few others things but that’s the big things. We found a boat here that we ALL love and have made the decision that we want to make another boat happen.

Our dream was to sail the world and we are all really keen to continue but switching over into the next boat will make it possible.

BUT….if we can’t sell Catalpa she is ready to go we are just getting all the things she needs doing done and if we decide we will be off again from here our Route will be something like this

Malaysia - Thailand - Indonesia Sumatra - Philippines - Indonesia - Papua New Guinea - Solomons - Australia

If we get into another boat this would be our rough Route

Malaysia - Philippines - Japan - Alaska - Canada - Seattle - San Fransisco - Mexico - The South Pacific Islands

How can we make this happen well firstly we would have to sell Catalpa. Then the kids and I (Sara) would stay here in Langkawi and Lee would fly back to Australia to work.

We are pretty determined to continue this dream life so if it means some hard work to get the right boat then thats what we will do but only if we can get what we want for Catalpa. She is a great boat and she is in the best condition she has been in years so if we head off again i’m sure the next couple of years heading back to oz will be incredible.

Well just thought we would let you all know where we are at oh and yes the big question still remains WHAT KIND OF BOAT DO WE WANT???

You will just have to wait and see

To be continued………