Wishlist for Catalpa


We get asked all the time what do We need.....

Well we thought it would be easier to write it all here so if you think there is something you would like to contribute to or send to us please let us know. The only challenge we will face is getting it!

As you know we are full-time live-aboards so we don't have a fixed address but we can organise for packages to be sent to us at our next port sometimes ;-)

Remember this is a "Wishlist" and we do not expect it all. This list includes big expensive things and small everyday things like our favourite tea hehe so feel free to scroll through and check out some of the things we cant get here or cant afford yet ;-) 

This List is for those who often ask if they can send us things to help keep the dream alive ;-)

Self tailing Winches


Dive computers

1 Scuba Pro regulator

Art supplies for Taj

Licorice Tea herbal teas

Canning set and book

Scuba Pro dive mask

GoPro Case

Whittakers coconut Chocolate

Bikinis Bella size girls 12 

Swimwear Sara Australian size 10 

Boardshorts Lee size 34

Boardshorts Taj size 28

beef jerky 

Dehydrated Vegies

Kindle book vouchers

A Distilling Kit

Camera case

SD cards

Hard drives 

Polaroid refills for Instax camera

iPhone 8 or newer

Sewing machine

Go Pro hero 7

Kindle Oasis 2  

Beats Headphones 

No Pong Deodorant

Thanks so much guys like I said if you are keen to throw us anything from here let us know on sailingcatalpa@gmail.com or FB message and we can send you an address.

Biggest Love rad humans we love you all xo

 Wishes List items Fulfilled

Pressure cooker and GoPro Charger Thank You Jan

New Sails Thank You so much The Westby Family

Go Pro 7 Thank you to a very special Patreon family

Packages of Tea and Chocolate Thank you

Hard Drives Thank You

SD cards Thank you